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Celeste Worthy


Celeste Worthy was first introduced to the incredible role higher education plays in the transformation of student’s lives while she served as a resident assistant for three years during her undergraduate experience. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Business, Celeste went on to continue the study of higher education by attending Fort Hays State University where she worked as a graduate assistant in the division of student affairs and specifically engaged with first-year experience programs, extended orientation programs, and student development. After completing her Master of Science in Education degree, Celeste spent almost two years working in the financial services industry where she continued to live out her passion for educating and empowering others. In 2019, Celeste returned to her undergraduate alma mater and had the joy of teaching several courses while also working in career services, academic advising, and orientation. Now, in her role with The Career Leadership Collective, Celeste engages with higher education institution staff all over the nation through presentations and conversations about how data can inform and transform their departments and organizations.

Celeste currently lives in Kansas and enjoys traveling, cultivating her plant collection, and investing in the journey of youth through speaking engagements and mentoring.

You can connect with Celeste on LinkedIn or at

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