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EMBARK FDS Services Overview

October 20th, noon Eastern


Our campus partners want the personalized, high-engagement experience of a consulting-minded data team AND the savvy usability of a data product.


EMBARK is your FDS solution: a sophisticated collection and messaging process, an access point to your FDS data, assets and deliverables, and the assistance of our dedicated data team. 



Campus reports, visuals, and interactive data dashboards prepared for your institution!



Added career 

preparation and engagement data to tell a broader story of student career success that relates to your services and campus mission!



Real-time understanding of equitable outcomes by  student demographics through our interactive equity dashboard!



Workload relief as our data team cleans your data, helps increase your knowledge rate, and does the synthesis for you!


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What does it mean in the EMBARK tiers when we say 'custom'?

We know that each campus has unique alumni data needs. Custom means we can adapt to your unique survey needs. We have a service-based data team that will meet with you to understand your needs at each part of the survey process: survey creation, data collection, data cleaning, data reports, and visualization.

How does The Collective help us understand and analyze Diversity and Equity data in our Career Outcome Data?

We provide interactive data by demographic so you can easily understand and visualize key findings by, for example, race, gender, first-generation status, academic college and more.

How can you help us share a data-story beyond salary, placement rate, and number of employers, and benchmark those items with other schools like ours?

There is much more to share! We assist you in creating a robust big-data story around which FDS outcomes should be visualized. Our NACM New Grad core of questions provides insights on the top four career mobility practices from the Career Mobility Index, and important variables related to your campus and career center mission.

Can you help us raise our knowledge rate?

In many cases we can. However, many variables can affect a campus knowledge rate. We include a social media data scrape in our services so that we can help you identify data on alumni who have not completed your survey. Our team is made up of higher-education insiders and of FDS experts who have sat in your shoes, so we can suggest some collection strategies that may assist in raising your rates.

If we participate in existing standards for Accreditations, licensures, or group benchmarking like NUBS, NACE, or other groups, can we still meet those standards through your FDS services?

Absolutely. Again, fully custom choices on all items related to survey creation. Additionally, we have systems and consortiums participate in our services together in order to benchmark specific items and we can create new benchmark reports for you.