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Career Leaders 2021 Fellowship Program

Program Overview

The Career Leaders Fellowship Program is an elite opportunity for career leaders to expand their executive leadership communication and ability to become a top innovator in the field of career services through trends research, online content facilitation, and engaging with the Career Leadership Collective staff and field of career services.

  • The 2021 Career Leaders Fellowship is a nine (9) month experience occurring from March 1 - November 19, 2021.

  • The cohort of five leaders will be selected from applicants who are currently an Executive Director, Director, or Associate Director level staff.

  • You might consider this program as analogous to serving in an association for a year (we love those), yet a difference in this involvement is that we intentionally invest in your leadership skillset and we provide you and your campus with a monetary benefit for your service. 

Fellowship Benefits

  • Develop and sharpen your acumen as a leader and innovator in higher education

  • Grow your skillset as a facilitator of leaders and become a leading online voice in college career services 

  • Gain broad understanding of the career services field, trends, and best practices

  • Deepen connections with career leaders across the country

  • Each cohort member will receive a $2,000 individual stipend plus a $250 credit with The Collective for your campus. 

All Fellowship Cohort members will sharpen their executive leadership communication abilities by:

  • Crafting a thoughtful trends article for the field of career services, to be published by The Collective

  • Producing a Correspondance Video for the Career Services News Show

  • Interviewing career leaders about DEI trends in the field as part of a larger and collaborative research project

  • Participating in a campus training and analysis project with another campus career office


Each Fellow will have a Specialty Assignment

Speciality assignments engage the members and subscribers of The Collective through leadership of the following. Each Cohort member will lead one of the following: 

  1. Blog Content Leader

  2. Everyday Innovators Show Host 

  3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Needs Assessment of the Field of Career Services

  4. Accelerators and Distinguished Speakers Host

  5. Virtual Think Tank Planner and host 

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Working Together

Commitments and Expectations

  • High quality and respectful representation of The Collective and the field of career services

  • Regular communication with Collective Staff about your speciality assignment

  • Five 90 minute All Cohort Meetings over the course of the nine month fellowship

  • On average, the fellowship will take 1-3 hours per week. Some projects or speciality assignments will increase hours in a handful of given weeks over the 9 month period. 

  • Pre, mid, and post-fellowship reflections on your personal career development as a career services leader 

Important Dates

  • February 7 - Application Deadline

  • Week of February 8: Zoom Interviews with finalists

  • Week of February 15: Cohort Announced

  • Week of March 1 - Fellowship Orientation