Career Services

Innovation Day

July 31, 2018

Fort Collins, CO

Creating the Future Together!

Solving Real Problems

Let's get to the heart of the problems we face and create important solutions together, as a Collective!

Who is invited: Career Services Staff, Faculty, Entrepreneurs, Tech Leaders, HR Leaders


Innovation Day Outcomes

  • We will invent together! Get ready for a rapid prototyping design session that will change your perspective on how to create new and transformative career initiatives. 

  • Clarity about the heart of the problems that the field of career services is facing

  • Innovative Trends happening inside and outside the field that will impact our services

  • Learn how to create fresh solutions that stick...and are important for future directions in the field

  • Stimulating dialogue and connections

Innovative Facilitators To Be Announced Soon! 

July 31, 2018

8:30 - 3:30

Fort Collins, CO

A Nexus of Innovation, A Choice City to Visit. 

Home of The Career Leadership Collective. 


Member Price: $175

Non-Member Price: $300 


Only 40 registrations available

Only 2 sponsors available (Contact Jeremy)

'This is our time for fresh career solutions!  I believe Innovation Day 2018 will be an extremely stimulating and helpful conversation toward solving big problems!  I can't wait to host this intimate and important gathering in Fort Collins!'


-- Jeremy Podany

Founder, CEO, Senior Consulant

The Career Leadership Collective

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