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Maximize your NACM Survey Results

  • Understand and improve your High Impact Career Mobility Practices

  • Create your campus roadshow to inform your internal stakeholders

  • Maximize your NACM data to your external audiences


Educating your Campus

How to maximize NACM data internally

We encourage you to: 

  1. Use the slide deck we provided you as a campus overview presentation deck (edit as desired)

  2. Create a 7-10 minute video using zoom and powerpoint to send around to your campus constituents

  3. Create a working group about High Impact Career Mobility Practices

Check out this short video overview about Educating your Campus

Using NACM Data with External Audiences

How to maximize NACM data externally

We encourage you to: 

  1. Create or re-conceptualize your webpage dedicated to Career Outcome Success

  2. Identify 2-4 key success stories from your NACM data

  3. Embed these success data points into websites and publications around campus

  4. Provide these success data points to the communications department, Deans, the Provost, and the President for their speeches and publications. 

Here is an example website about how to sharing broad career outcome data externally


Check out this short video overview about: Using NACM Externally

Understanding and Improving High Impact Career Mobility Practices on your Campus

Definitions and Use

We encourage you to: 

  1. Understand the top High Impact Career Mobility Practices

  2. Analyze your current effectiveness with High Impact Career Mobility Practices

  3. Establish a campus working group to understand how to adapt your practices 


Check out this short video overview about the High Impact Career Mobility Practices


Can The Career Leadership Collective present to key stakeholders on our campus about our NACM results?

Yes. We have quite a volume of presentation requests, and we take extra time to prepare an outstanding presentation for your campus. There is small fee associated with this, but it is well worth it. We can do this virtually or in-person. Ask us about details.

How do add certain NACM questions to our FDS survey to get more seamless data?

As a NACM partner school you get free you of our NACM New Grad question core, a small set of questions related to the High Impact Career Mobility practices. Ask us about using this your FDS questions.

Can The Collective help us if we only need assistance with certain parts of the FDS survey process?

Yes. Let's say you have a strong process in place for collecting data and are pleased with your response rates but would like to take the data cleaning, reporting, and/or visualization off of someone's plate. We can provide those individual services while you maintain the survey administration.

How does The Collective help us understand and analyze Diversity and Equity data in our NACM data?

You have access to interactive equity data by demographic inside your dashboard so you can easily understand and visualize key findings by, for example, race, gender, first-generation status, academic college and more.

What if we have specific deeper analysis questions about our data for which we need assistance?

Not a problem. If you have one easy question, just let us know. If you have broader, more complex analysis questions or want our help with ongoing questions, we may charge a nominal fee for the time, but can easily do so.

How often do recommend we participate in NACM 5/10?

How often do you visualize your FDS data? We believe in annual visualization of 1, 5 and 10-year data. Some campuses, however, want a three-year baseline and then go every other year. It's really up to you. But we don't recommend you make first job data more important than the first 10 years - put them side by side.

If we add your FDS services, are the deliverables similar to NACM?

Absolutely. Plus, FDS is custom, so we keep what works about your FDS process, and enhance it with additional strategies and solutions. We provide you with graphic assets via slides, a FDS campus report, and an interactive dashboard of your FDS results...year over year. It is a huge time-relief and ends up saving many campuses time and money.