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Transforming Career Data into Action

By Vanessa Newton

Data & Visualization Lead, Consultant

The Career Leadership Collective and National Alumni Career Mobility Survey

Collecting data is important. Understanding data is valuable. Doing something with the data you are collecting is critical.

Today’s blog post dives into some of the data we at the Collective have gathered on three different topics with a focus on how to transform that data into action.


Undoubtably, the past 6 months have been filled with an immense amount of decision making. Even things as small as what kind of cereal to pick up at the grocery store (Meijer if you are lucky enough!) have felt like massive decisions.

During the first New Forward of the fall semester, Jeremy asked the participants to identify the most important decision their career office has made regarding the fall semester. Not surprisingly, over ~70% of the respondents indicated a decision centered around being virtual. The other ~30%? Their responses were focused in on priorities and strategic thinking regarding how their staff will function with less people, less resources or to focus on building relationship and career-centered content. Here is a diverse sampling of a few of the comments:

  • How to ensure our student interns have an engaging/meaningful semester of work.

  • To do fewer events and focus on what they need NOW

  • Virtual offerings and more emphasis on content and bringing career into the enrollment process

  • What our priorities will be/how we'll spend our time

  • Having more virtual career fairs than we even normally have regular fairs

  • Authentic Engagement with students, alumni, faculty and staff

  • Deeper partnering with Faculty, Students Orgs and others

I think what is important here is how are you measuring success? What are things that you are doing now that are going to carry over into a new way of delivering career services? Why are they going to do that?

Transforming Data into Action: How are you and your team collecting meaningful and usable data that will assist in informing the decisions that you will continue to be making?

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Back in the day when I was a grad student, we had a saying in my Industrial & Organizational Psychology program – 'what gets measured gets managed.'

Now I know exactly what you are thinking…Vanessa, you have gone an entire section talking about data and not shown us a single dashboard…who are you? Agreed. Let’s play with some data shall we?