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We are excited to share that Lighcast has acquired Embark and the National Alumni Career Mobility survey (NACM) from The Career Leadership Collective. The Collective pioneered these data service products so that higher education could transform career outcomes. Lightcast has two decades of experience in creating data solutions, and with their leadership, Embark and NACM will continue to pioneer industry change through data-based innovations. 


The Collective’s mission is to intentionally and strategically influence the career development of every student. Lightcast is committed to creating a job market that works for everyone. This acquisition helps our field better realize both goals. View the press release here.

Embark was developed by the Career Leadership Collective to be the premier first destination survey solution for higher education. The National Alumni Career Mobility (NACM) survey was developed by the Career Leadership Collective as the first annual survey to inform career-readiness practices at colleges and universities in the United States. They are now part of Lightcast’s suite of data-driven solutions powering learner career success.  Lightcast and the Collective maintain a strategic partnership to meet the alumni tracking and career-readiness needs of higher education.


Q: What is the acquisition of Embark and NACM? 

A: Lightcast has acquired Embark and NACM.  As a leader in labor analytics and research, they will continue to build upon the success of Embark and NACM to offer comprehensive graduate outcomes and alumni career mobility data survey products that provide superior solutions to colleges and universities. There will be no interruption for survey services for Embark and NACM campus partners.


Q: Who should I contact for support about Embark or NACM?

A: Current campus partners have been notified via email about the acquisition. You can connect with your assigned Partner Success Specialists for any survey-related needs. If you need assistance or are unsure who your point of contact is, please reach out to Bob Hieronymus.


Q: How does the acquisition affect The Collective's work?

A: The Collective continues as the leading consulting and training company for higher education around career success. Only Embark and NACM have been acquired by Lightcast. We will continue to invest in and partner with campuses and staff around consulting, training, conferences, our hallmark cohort programs, Mastermind, Aspire, and Kickstart, and the exceptional content you've come to expect since 2017. 


Q: How does the acquisition change The Collective's staff team?   

A: All NACM and EMBARK staff have transferred to Lightcast and will continue to offer outstanding service to NACM and EMBARK partners. Survey services have continued uninterrupted. Jeremy Podany will continue as CEO of The Career Leadership Collective and will also serve in an advisory capacity to Lightcast. Jeremy - along with consulting, training, and executive search staff remaining at The Collective - will continue the advisory services and content offered by The Collective. 

Q: My campus isn't currently an Embark or NACM school, but we were considering this for next year. What now? 

A: The Lightcast support team is excited to find the right data fit for your campus. You can reach out to request more information by visiting Lightcast + Embark for FDS and Lightcast + NACM for alumni data services. 


Q: I’m interested in engaging more with The Collective. How can I connect?

A: We are passionate about helping campuses transform how they help students realize their career goals through our consulting services, training, leadership programs, and executive search. Please reach out to Sharon Attaway (sharon@careerleadershipcollective) to learn more about how we can help you and your campus. You can also stay connected by subscribing to our newsletter. 

About Lightcast. Lightcast – formerly Emsi Burning Glass – provides labor market data and insights to promote learner career success by helping colleges and universities align academic programs with employer demand, promote career-connected learning, and understand the impact of their institution and graduates. For more, visit 

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