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Recognizing outstanding initiatives in college and university career services. 




  • Unique and impactful career development initiatives that are related to at least one of the following: scaling career development or employer relations, using career data effectively, embedding career development into the campus ecosystem, DEI in career services, faculty engagement in deploying career development, and/or brand/marketing success. 


  • Submissions must be from colleges and universities.  

  • Submitted program or initiative must have been implemented in at least an initial pilot phase to be able show results.  No concept-only submissions accepted. Concepts are not innovations, they are ideas. 

  • In your description, be sure to clearly state: 1. the purpose, 2. how you implemented, and 3. the results you achieved. 



  1. Does my innovation have to be something we recently launched? No. Well-baked innovations are quite welcome. Innovative does not equal recent, though it can.

  2. How many innovations will get awards? We are not sure. It depends on how many are innovative.  More than 1, less than 6. 

  3. Can 'using a new tech tool or product' be our innovation? No. Not unless you created the tech tool or product. If a tool or product is mentioned in your description, no problem, but it can't be the primary part of the innovation. 

  4. Are we submitting on behalf of a person, office or our institution? Institution, but you can list names and offices that contributed. And, the submission does not have to be from a career office, proper. 

  5. Do we have to be a member of The Collective to win? Nope...uh, but why are you not a member? 

  6. What do we win? Glory and stardom. Ok, but seriously, you will get recognition for sure...on the Collective website, in social media and in our newsletter, plus a nice plaque for your office. Shout it from the rooftops - you deserve it. Oh yeah, we will also provide your campus with a $250 credit toward anything with The Collective


  1. Read all application instructions

  2. Submit by Friday, June 3

  3. The Collective team will review applications from June 4-June 13

  4. Winners announced at the The Collective 2022 Virtual Conference on June 17 during the opening session.  


2022 Career Innovation Awards


Friday, June 3

Thanks for submitting! See you at the Virtual Conference Opening Session on June 17, where winners will be announced!


PAST Winners

  • DePaul University, Chicago, IL

  • Miami University, Oxford, OH

  • Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

  • University of Connecticut, Hartford, CT

  • University of Nebraska, Business Career Center, Lincoln, NE

  • University of Redlands, Redlands, CA