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Jeremy Podany


Jeremy Podany is the Founder and CEO of The Career Leadership Collective, home of The National Alumni Career Mobility Survey and EMBARK.  The Career Leadership Collective has done business with over 1,000 colleges and universities since 2017, providing big data and consulting solutions for the systemic career development needs of higher education.  


Jeremy is an innovation, leadership, and organizational growth connoisseur with niche expertise on the confluence of university career services, systems-thinking, leadership, and organizational growth.  Jeremy enjoyed nearly 20 years working inside higher education in career services and corporate education, and has helped build multiple unique start-ups inside and outside of universities. His inventions and consulting solutions have systemically helped thousands of university leaders and hundreds of thousands of college students with career education and social mobility. 


Jeremy regularly writes, speaks, trains, and consults for universities, businesses, and tech start-ups. His specialty involves helping senior college administrators to weave career education into the fabric of the campus and maximize results. Jeremy’s reputation as a speaker and consultant is built on his engaging ability to communicate about complex and challenging leadership and organizational integration topics in higher education, business, and university career services with incredible authenticity, humility, and humor. He is a thought-leader, inventor, and a trusted advisor with the rare ability to both inspire organizations and audiences and provide them with practical takeaway strategies.


Jeremy has a BA in English Education from Western Michigan University, and a Masters in Higher Education Administration from Indiana University. Jeremy lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife and four children. He loves college basketball, cycling, and hiking in or gazing at the Rocky Mountains. 

Jeremy's Speaking, Training, Advisory, and Facilitation Specialties ​

  • Transforming Career Education on Campus

  • The Innovation Mindset for University Leaders

  • Advanced Leadership Development for University Leaders

  • Organizational Growth inside Universities

  • The Future of Work meets the Campus

  • Ecosystem integration of Career Education on Campus

  • Understanding and Maximizing Big Career Data

You can follow Jeremy on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Jeremy is proud to have played or currently be playing an inventor, creator, founder, co-founder, senior advisor, or leadership role in the following organizations and initiatives:

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