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Career Leadership Collective to provide Working Genius for the Higher Education Community

(Fort Collins, CO) - May. 30, 2024 - The Career Leadership Collective (The Collective) and The Table Group, announced a special affiliation for one of the nation's fastest-growing personal and teamwork assessments, The Working Genius, to be provided to Higher Education Institutions. The Career Leadership Collective will deploy The Working Genius into the Higher Education Community to develop productive and satisfied staff and faculty teams. Perhaps even more beneficial, the assessment will empower college students to understand how their unique working style can help them thrive in group assignments, campus leadership positions, interviews, internships, and future careers.


Working Genius identifies the six fundamental geniuses that are required for all types of work and explains how individuals best execute their work. The assessment empowers individuals and teams to increase productivity, morale, and fulfillment in their working lives. 


Patrick Lencioni, the best-selling author of more than a dozen business books such as The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and The Advantage, is the creator of the Working Genius model. Lencioni founded The Table Group in 1997 and has been advising organizations, leaders, and teams for multiple decades. He believes, “Working Genius is changing the world of work. It's revolutionizing the way leaders and companies are looking at teamwork, fulfillment and even hiring in the workplace. Students who enter the workforce with the self-awareness and clarity that Working Genius provides are going to be able to avoid years of job misery and burnout and quickly find greater degrees of success and fulfillment in their work lives. We could not be more excited to partner with The Career Leadership Collective to offer Working Genius to staff, faculty, and students.” 

The Higher Education Community can access the Working Genius assessment through The Collective at a discounted rate. Individual and institutional members of The Collective receive free access for their Career Center teams. The consultants at The Collective are all Certified Facilitators of the Working Genius assessment, and will use the tool inside their existing in-person retreat offerings. Additionally, The Collective will now offer virtual workshops to help any group or team inside higher education to understand their Genius. Furthermore, anyone in Higher Education can become a Certified Trainer of the Working Genius at a discount through The Collective. 


“We believe the Working Genius will transform student, staff, and faculty interactions and career development inside higher education in all types of courses, first-year seminars, student organizations, student employee and peer advisor groups, and state-wide and regional professional organizations,” said Jeremy Podany, Founder and CEO of The Career Leadership Collective. 


The Higher Education Community can learn more about the origin, benefits, and why The Working Genius has become widely popular through an exclusive interview of Patrick Lencioni by Jeremy Podany on August 1, 2024, or at this informational overview on June 13, 2024. Discounts and benefits offered through The Collective are available at:



The Career Leadership Collective is a solutions group that provides consulting, retreats, thought leadership, and executive search services, to serve the systemic career readiness needs of higher education. The Collective has served over 1,000 colleges and universities since its founding in 2017. The Collective is among the most prominent, progressive, and trusted brands serving higher education on the topic of career ecosystems. The Collective invented the National Alumni Career Mobility Survey in 2019, which was acquired by Lightcast in 2023. They are the leading voice in transforming career ecosystems in higher education.




The 6 types of Working Genius is a model and an assessment that helps people discover their natural gifts and thrive in their work and life. Working Genius has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals and teams discover their gifts and transform their work. For twenty-five years, Patrick Lencioni, author and creator of Working Genius has been working with teams to help them become more cohesive, effective, and successful. In 1997, he founded the Table Group, a firm dedicated to making organizations healthier and work more dignified. He has written 13 best-selling business books on the topics of teamwork, leadership, and culture, (including The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, The Advantage, and The Ideal Team Player).

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