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Ecosystem Integration in Career Services

The ability to successfully integrate into the campus ecosystem may be the single biggest game-changer for career services today. In Part 2 of How to Re-Imagine Career Services, sponsored by PeopleGrove and Handshake, Jeremy Podany, Founder of The Collective, sat down with Christine Cruzvergara, Associate Provost and Executive Director of Career Education at Wellesley College, to unpack what it's like to lead massive change.

The following questions highlight themes from Part 2 that you might consider discussing with your staff teams, peer groups, and upper administration:

  1. What is the campus ecosystem, what does it look like on your campus, and how can you further activate it?

  2. Identify the difference between programmatic partnerships and systemically ingrained processes. What are your opportunities to embed career into systemic processes?

  3. What does it mean to scale career services?

  4. Presuming no staff is big enough - how do we scale our staff for broader impact?

  5. What initiatives can you put into place to empower a large volume of Alumni, Staff, and Faculty to help others with their career development?

  6. What is your best advice on breaking down silos?

  7. How can Career Communities transform the quality and volume of your offerings?

  8. What are the benefits of Career Services combining with other offices?

  9. Where do we start if we are at the beginning of an ecosystem integration movement on our campus?

  10. What encouragement would you give to new leaders that are boldly taking on ecosystem integration?

The series is broken into three parts:

  1. Leading a Re-Imagine Effort

  2. Ecosystem Integration Strategies

  3. The New Career Services Staff (coming next week)

Each video in the series is about the length of a Ted Talk and is ideal for showing to entire staff teams in order to stimulate dialogue and action regarding how you might personalize the embedded insights.

We believe you will be inspired by Christine's authenticity, her grace, and her truly amazing ability to articulate a bold new vision for career services. We encourage Career Staff, Technology Leaders, Employers, University President's, Vice President's and Provosts to consider the broad and positive effects of elevating the mission of career!

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