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2023 Trends Event ReCap

By The Career Leadership Collective

In case you missed it, we want to highlight our 2023 Trends in Career Services event. There were so many insights! We promised you (and we're now delivering) access to all 17 short trend videos focused on:

  • Connecting to University Strategic Priorities

  • Engaging and Equipping Faculty

  • Employer Engagement

  • and Managing and Supporting New Staff

Thank you to Faith McClellan, R. Lynn Sydnor Epps, Joy Asher, and Edward Cruz for your time and unique perspectives! Group 1: See what our partners are saying about trends!


Group 2: What is one thing you're excited about?


Group 3: What is one thing that needs to change?


Group 4: How can our work impact DE&I?

Again, shoutout to all of our partners! You can also access the full webinar here!


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