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5 Ways Working Genius Can Transform Your Career Center Team

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5 Ways Working Genius Can Transform Your Career Center Team

The Working Genius Model, developed by best-selling author Pat Lencioni, can profoundly impact the dynamics and effectiveness of career center teams. By understanding and leveraging the six fundamental activities identified by the Working Genius Model, teams can significantly enhance their collaboration and productivity. Here are five ways career center teams can benefit from the Working Genius Model:

1. Develop a Shared Vocabulary for Working Together: The Working Genius Model provides a shared vocabulary for our work, which helps us communicate more effectively across our team. By understanding each other's working geniuses, team members can appreciate and leverage each other's strengths, leading to more efficient and harmonious collaboration.   2. Enhance Team Collaboration and Self Awareness: Mapping each member's Working Geniuses and Frustrations helps career center teams get to know one another better. This understanding leads to improved collaboration, as team members can anticipate each other's strengths and potential areas of frustration.   3. Strengthen Project Communication and Effectiveness: The Working Genius Model helps career center teams categorize conversations or project stages by utilizing the concept of "altitude." By identifying where each discussion or project stage falls in the altitude scale, teams can better navigate and understand the nature of their work, leading to more strategic and purposeful decision-making.   4. Foster a Supportive Environment: Sharing Geniuses, Frustrations, and Competencies fosters a supportive and collaborative environment where team members can lean on each other. Recognizing each other's geniuses and frustrations creates empathy and understanding, fostering a culture of support and encouragement within the career center team.   5. Emplower Staff and Hire Strategically: The Working Genius Model can be leveraged to utilize current staff better and hire for gaps in the team's Geniuses. By understanding the distribution of working geniuses within the team, career center leaders can make informed decisions about assigning new initiatives, team structure, and future hires, ensuring a well-rounded and complementary team dynamic.

In conclusion, the Working Genius Model offers a valuable framework for understanding and optimizing career center team dynamics, leading to enhanced collaboration, productivity, and overall team success.


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