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New Staff in Career Services

Evaluating and honing our staff competencies is at the heart of any re-imagine effort. In Part 3, our final video on How to Re-Imagine Career Services, sponsored by PeopleGrove and Handshake, Jeremy Podany, Founder of The Collective, sat down with Christine Cruzvergara, Associate Provost and Executive Director of Career Education at Wellesley College, to unpack the role of new staff in leading massive change.

The following questions highlight themes from Part 3 that you might consider discussing with your staff teams, peer groups, and upper administration:

  1. How would you rate your staff teams' health in regards to clear, direct, and transparent communication?

  2. If you take on a new role leading staff, how can you calm their natural anxiety about the unknown ways you might lead?

  3. When the university pace feel slow, but you need to change fast, what can you progress?

  4. How do you insert flexibility and agility into the core values of your team?

  5. What structures need to be in place for the value of flexibility to thrive?

  6. How does your staff culture contribute to the changes you want to see take place?

  7. What beyond-best practices are out there for a team that is hiring multiple staff at once?

  8. What types of questions does your supervisor commonly ask you? How does that show what they value?

  9. How can your physical space be configured to achieve maximum results toward your mission?

The series is broken into three parts:

Each video in the series is about the length of a Ted Talk and is ideal for showing to entire staff teams in order to stimulate dialogue and action regarding how you might personalize the embedded insights.

We believe you will be inspired by Christine's authenticity, her grace, and her truly amazing ability to articulate a bold new vision for career services. We encourage Career Staff, Technology Leaders, Employers, University President's, Vice President's and Provosts to consider the broad and positive effects of elevating the mission of career!

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