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Consulting, Training, Executive Search, and Content for Higher Education and Career Services

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The Career Leadership Collective is a thought-partner and consulting group for colleges and universities globally.


We assist upper administrators and career leaders to systemically weave career and future preparation into the fabric of the campus experience



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Cohort-Based Professional Development for All Levels

KICKSTART, ASPIRE, and MASTERMIND offer three tiers of leadership development training for new team members, aspiring leaders, and top-level leaders. Each cohort combines in-person training with virtual sessions.

Consulting Services That Build Capacity in Your Career Ecosystem

Scale your reach, empower your career champions, adopt innovative service-delivery models, use career outcome data effectively, and lead organizational change efforts.

Customized Training for Career Teams, Champions, and Academic Leaders

Our training and design sessions are centered on applying High Impact Career Practices to your specific campus environment, and we partner with you to craft customized learning objectives or change management outcomes.

Full-Service Executive Search and Recruitment

Capitalize on our vast network of and deep relationships with career services professionals. We'll guide you to determine the unique needs of your position and develop a comprehensive marketing plan.

Virtual and
In-Person Events Leveraging Innovation and Best Practices

We actively host dynamic events ranging from a 3-day in-person annual conference to virtual trends events, connecting career professionals in all roles across the nation.

in a Diverse Community of Career Professionals and Access to Content

Members of The Career Leadership Collective have exclusive access to more than 5-years of online videos via the Collective member content library. Members also get discounts on events and services.

Transform Career Education on Campus

The Collective looks beyond best practices and helps higher education leaders and career leaders to systemically weave career education into the fabric of the campus, into the full student life cycle.


We empower you toward leading-edge practices in a customized manner.

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You have a place here.

The Collective aims to be the most diverse and robust leadership network in higher education career services. We help organizations find talented leaders, we gather professionals across functional areas, and we showcase diverse perspectives and people who are performing at extraordinary levels.

Career Leadership Collective Logo


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